Faculty Benefits


Invaluable experiential learning program

“Excellent applied experiential pedagogical program.”
“Students were motivated by the chance to ‘win’ and be recognized. They had a great time while learning.”

Travis Morris
Norwich University

“The program provides students an experience that has developed their skills in areas such as data analysis, writing and presentation. Participation in an international competition is also an experience that could hardly be acquired elsewhere…”

Dr. Veronika Stoilova
South West University

“The combination of striving to solve a live client problem and at the same time compete against students at other universities is incomparable.”

Dr. Tim Hatten
Colorado Mesa University


Since 1990, EVP has worked with over 1,000 faculty and academic institutions and over 125,000 students have participated in an EVP program. The EVP program gives faculty the opportunity to bridge theory with practical application. Student participants gain invaluable skills in decision making, problem solving and analytical reasoning, while putting their education and knowledge to use for a real client.

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